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If one thing is clear from the myriad threats to the World we live in, it is that ALL of us—individuals, organisations, business and government—need to make Sustainability a priority.

By moving to purely digital publishing, we are saving many tons of paper (a significant ­consumer of water and energy) and avoiding the energy and emissions from trucking and flying >160,000 copies a year to subscribers. As well as avoiding the use of >160,000 plastic mail bags each year!

Of course, purely digital publishing uses energy itself. Web servers and the Internet have their own energy and material demands. However, this is far less damaging than print. ­Further, we have chosen a web hosting company that offers green hosting. They ­offset all the CO2 they generate from their hosting.

The electricity used in our office comes from a renewable energy supplier.

Certainly, there is more than we all can, and must, do, but you can be confident that we are working hard on Sustainability and being a responsible partner for the Planet and for you.